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Company Portfolio;
Gombe Track Safaris and Tours Tanzania Ltd has been providing international travelers with African adventures since 2005. The locally owned and operated company is based in Kigoma, in western Tanzania, with a branch office in Arusha (the safari capital of Tanzania) and with a booking office in the United States. The company is a member of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators and is recognized by the Tanzanian Tourism Board. We are also represented on SafariBookings.com

Managing Director Nahum Joshua Nnko is the driving force behind the company. He has put together a dynamic team that has the local knowledge of language, culture, flora and fauna as well as the service skills and international savvy to provide a comfortable and rewarding experience to international travelers. Our customer relations staff provides meet-and-greet services, airport assistance, informative pre-Safari briefings and post-safari debriefings. We appreciate e-mail enquiries and we typically answer emails within 24 hours.

Marketing Director
The products covered range from Taylor-made Itineraries to regular programs, from Incentive groups to Beach Holidays, Chimpanzee trekking, from Mountain climbing to Wilderness trekking, Domestic flights – be they scheduled or chartered to Regional flights. Ideally, we take you to any point in our beloved country – Tanzania.
The Director for Gombe Track Safaris and Tours (T) Limited.

Gombe Track Safaris and Tours Office.
The Operations Manager | Tours Consultant | Meet-&-Greet officer
The Operations Manager assisted by Tours Consultants, man the enquiries through e-The Operations Manager – Joshua Tours Consultant – E-mails observing a traditional turn-around time of 24 hours. All the Reservations, instructions to the Guides, vehicles/boat movement and guest relations are controlled by this team. Our Customer Relations staff provides Meet-and-Greet services, airport assistance, informative pre-Safari briefings and post-safari debriefings.

The company manages a fleet of nine vehicles and four boats. The nine 4×4 vehicles are all capable of handling any sort of weather conditions on our adventurous roads. Four of the vehicles are 8-seaters; five are 6-seaters. We have four boats of various sizes harbored on Lake Tanganyika. We also have a fully-equipped garage under a qualified motor-vehicle engineer. The mechanics’ regular maintenance routines guarantee that the safari vehicles handle every assignment smoothly.

Backup Department;
We have a fully-equipped garage under a qualified Motor-vehicle Engineer whose maintenance routine guarantees that a Safari vehicle handles every assignment smoothly. The Garage Team in action Workshop Manager Among the experts in the garage employees is Mechanics, Panel beaters, painters, and electricians. Together they form a resourceful team capable of handling any fault in a vehicle.

Safari Guides;
Our Chimpanzee trekking guides and driver-guides are highly professional and their enthusiasm for nature as well as their ability to spot animals continue to exceed client expectations.

For special-interests groups we also provide a naturalist, Rodrick Mgona, whose precision in interpreting flora-and-fauna denotes a lengthy experience in his field. Mgona has been a lecturer in wildlife management colleges in Tanzania and in Botswana for more than ten years.

***Gombe Track Safaris and Tours Tanzania Ltd is insured for Public Liability up to US$500,000***

LIEMBA BOAT (The graf von goetzen);
The 1300-ton steamship was one of the earliest users of the Dar es Salaam to kigoma railways. In pieces, the steamship was transported overland early in the20th century, during the First World War, and sent to Kigoma where it was reassembled. Before the maiden voyage, the Graf von Goetzen, was bombed by a Belgian aircraft from the neighboring territory that is now Democratic Republic of Congo. When the German defeat became inevitable, the Graf von Goetzen was sunk in the Lake Tanganyika. In 1924, the British re-floated the ship and renamed it LIEMBA. The ship later featured in the film, The African Queen, starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn.

To this day the Liemba continues to ply the lake to Zambia and DRC carrying passengers and cargo.

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