Our Team

The top management is steered by the Managing Director. A Tanzanian by birth, origin & creed, Joshua ventured into investing in Tourism due to his love for nature and the beauty of the Tanzanian landscape. He has built a strong team.

Nahum Joshua Nnko – Managing Director

Managing Director 
The Sales and Marketing Director oversees all sales-related correspondence, product development and identification of the contemporary market requirements. Whenever you send an inquiry, the very first impression you get after a couple of correspondences is that you are dealing with the right people.

Marketing Director
The products covered range from Taylor-made Itineraries to regular programs, from Incentive groups to Beach Holidays, Chimpanzee trekking, from Mountain climbing to Wilderness trekking, Domestic flights -be they scheduled or chartered to Regional flights. Ideally, we take you to any point in our beloved country – Tanzania. The Director for Gombe Track Safaris and Tours (T) Limited.

Mrs. Naombael Frostad, runs Gombe Safari’s branch in the United States and is the sister of the company’s founder, Nahum Joshua. Naombael grew up on the slopes of Mt. Meru, working her family’s coffee farm and enjoying the company of the Columbus monkeys, baboons, Cape buffalo, antelope and elephants who wandered out of the forests. Naombael is a hard-working mother of two, who immigrated to America with her husband in 1999. Naombael put herself through college and has a bachelor’s degree in information technology. Naombael’s love of the flora, fauna and culture of her native Tanzania influenced her decision to join Gombe Safari and share Tanzania’s treasures with the rest of the world.